Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Home Study Interviews Scheduled!

We got a call from our case worker today, to schedule our interviews and house check.  I swear, the people at our agency have elephant memories- they all remember us from three years ago, when we did a couple of initial orientation type things before Skateboard Ruben.  Apparently this lady ran the orientation meeting that we attended.  Anyway, she was very nice and put me at ease and was not at all scary.  She practically sounded as excited to be getting us through our home study as we are! 

As it turns out, we will be getting through our interviews all in one day- Ramsey's and my individual interviews, our joint interview, the kids, the house, all of it.  One week from today, next Wednesday!  That means we have one week to get the house in shape.  I know not to get so stressed about it that I pull out the Q-tips, but there's still plenty to do without getting that detailed.  I'm so glad to have it scheduled, and at a time I feel good about- a week gives us time to get the house in shape, but still over with quickly so we can keep things moving along.  I so hope we have news by then...

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