Tuesday, April 26, 2011

News, sort of, and prayer requests.

I spoke with our placing agency today.  They said that our case hadn't come up in the Thai  meeting last week- apparently they often overschedule and don't get to all of the cases.  Hopefully, our case will come up in their next meeting.  Our agency wasn't sure if Thailand meets weekly or bi-weekly- either way, the earliest we would now expect to hear anything would be next week.

Obviously, I'm bummed that we don't have an answer yet, but at least the tension of "we could find out any second" is now off.  I'm back to hoping that we'll hear something in a week or two.

And, while we wait, we continue to move forward on our end.  We're getting the house ready for our caseworker's visit tomorrow.  (Hopefully we'll still be able to go ahead with that as scheduled- the boys both woke up sick during the night last night.  Praying it's just a quick, 24-hour type thing.)  After our caseworker's visit, she will begin writing our homestudy.  Ramsey has his trip to Canada this weekend, which includes getting fingerprinted on Friday.

Please pray for:
  • Chloe
  • that when our case does come up in Thailand we will be granted permission to move forward with adopting Chloe
  • that the boys will recover quickly and that no one else will get sick
  • that we will have a good visit with our caseworker tomorrow 
  • that things will go smoothly when Ramsey goes to get fingerprinted in Canada and that we'll get the results of that quickly
  • that God will provide work for Ramsey
  • that God will give us peace and patience as we wait to hear Thailand's decision 

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