Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Good news regarding Ramsey's Canadian record check!

Because Thailand (and China, which is our alternate country choice) is a country party to the Hague Convention, Ramsey is required to have a Canadian Criminal Record Check completed as part of our home study, because he attended college in Canada. Having his fingerprints submitted through snail mail would mean we wouldn't get the results for well over 3 months, which is considerably after the rest of our home study should be completed, and could hold us up from moving forward with our adoption. We looked into it and learned that having one's fingerprints submitted electonically is a much faster process (days, instead of months) but can only be done within Canada. That alone could be reason enough to take a trip to Canada, if it looked like forward progress were going to be significantly delayed, but, as it so happens (God has such a great sense of timing, doesn't He? : ), Ramsey will be speaking at a conference in New Brunswick in two weeks- his first time traveling to Canada in years. After many phone calls, we were able to get in touch with the actual person who can do the job. Ramsey will pop in on his way to the conference to be fingerprinted and submit his request and we should receive the official results 7 to 10 business days afterward- just in time to plug the results into our, hopefully, otherwise completed homestudy. Thanks, God!

So- I do still have the story of how we've come to the point of trying to adopt a little girl from Thailand on it's way (and I may be biased, but I do think it's a cool story), but I wanted to get this praise out there for those that I had asked to pray about the record check situation. Thanks, pray-ers!

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  1. When doors seem to be closing our God can kick them wide open :)