Friday, April 29, 2011

News (prayer request!) from the North.

Well, pray-ers, here's the latest-  There was a bit of a hold up at the border, and, as a result, Ramsey got in to Canada too late to make it to get fingerprinted.  Of course now it's the weekend and the plan was that they'd be coming home Sunday.  The obvious answer would be to stay through until Monday and do it on the way home then, but he has another guy with him and I don't know how flexible that guy's schedule is.  If they don't get the fingerprints done in this trip, it means either waiting a looong time for the results from the paper copy to arrive (which would hold up our home study being completed) or making a separate long trip back to Canada to get it done electronically.

Of course my natural reaction is to stress right out and, I have to admit, when I was on the phone with Ramsey hearing this news, my stomach started to sink.  But almost immediately God reminded me of news we got on Wednesday that seemed like yet another brick wall and that I went to bed crying over that night- and that He resolved easily the following morning.  So I feel remarkably peaceful and am just waiting to see how He's going to deal with this.  I'll let you know when I find out!

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  1. He will not fail you Kristin. I will continue to hold you in prayer as you walk this walk.

    Hugs from Canada :)